OASA Marbles has been extracting limestone known as the Stone from Boñar, from the "Sierra Redonda" quarry, since 1945. At that time, small extractions responded to a nearby market of limited volume. Today, the growing demand has extended to national and international level. Nevertheless, this greater rate of extraction and elaboration has not diminished the respect, care and attention required in the treatment of this noble material, from the time it is pulled out from the quarry, until it is delivered to the client as a final product.

" The Stone from Boñar": Undisputed reference in the Architecture of León.

"The Stone of Boñar" is used both in traditional construction work and vanguard architecture. For centuries it has been used in great construction works in the form of ashlars, carved stones or sculptures, making the stone of Boñar an undisputed reference on the Historic Architecture of León.

"The Stone of Boñar": Quality in Architecture.

Today, its use in plating of building facades, exterior and interior floor laying as well as design decorations show the growing trend towards a quality Architecture where "The Stone of Boñar" has a place of preference.

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